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As the leader in amateur football athlete development, the Canadian Football Academy Combines are a testament to that mantra!  Taking an ever important focal point in next level recruiting, Football Strength, Speed and Conditioning Combines have become an important component of an athlete's progression.  The CFA wants to give our young athletes the opportunity to better prepare for these events by offering semi-annual Combines for athletes to come out and practice the skills required to be successful.

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The Canadian Football Academy strives to impact football in the broadest way possible, by improving the overall capacity of our local amateur coaches.  Our Coaching Clinics are designed to teach the skills and drills you need to be successful, along with the behavior and habits required to coach at the CHAMPIONSHIP level!  The CFA works to provide the highest level of instruction possible, by reaching out to the best experts available in coaching today!  See the Coaching Clinics page for specific details on upcoming sessions and sign up early to secure your spot!

The bread and butter of the Canadian Football Academy, our Skills Camps are designed to maximize repetition and retention.The CFA and its coaches are committed to a fundamental approach to skill teaching, learning and development.  Athletes are taken through a variety of age and position appropriate drills, combined with constant constructive feedback to ensure that the core skill is learned.  Athletes will be further exposed to higher level concepts and experiences to expand their understanding of the sport of football, both on and off the field.  See the Skills Camps page for details!

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Football is a true team sport, and nowhere is Leadership more important than when groups of athletes are working together to achieve a common goal.  The CFA is dedicated to teaching, fostering and nurturing Leadership in its athletes, in a structured environment.  Our seminars are geared towards sharing personal experience, successes and failures, along with tried tested and true methods of facilitation.  The CFA's goal is to pass on as much knowledge and experience as possible to the leaders of the new generation, and ensure that  they are prepared for success!