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I attended the CFA Camp held June 14th to August 7th 2016 and have absolutely no regrets. It was a great camp for me at the time. I should mention that in October of 2015 I suffered from a torn Achilles tendon during the last ten minutes of a game. That injury immediately put an end to my Grade 11 High School Football season. After almost 8 months of recovery and rehab I knew that over the summer break I needed to shake up the routine to build back my confidence, recover my leg strength and work my body back up to game speed all the while within a safe and supportive environment. The CFA summer training camp was effective in all of those categories and more. 
            Each day at the camp we as players were exposed to new fast paced and engaging drills that offered much more than just fundamental skills. For each drill there was always a new mental skill to take from it that the coaches reinforced with their tips. That is where the CFA excels so much. The coaching staff was made up of committed and enthusiastic individuals that made coming each and everyday a fun and educational experience. For me especially, the coaches were cautious and understanding when it came to drills that my leg was not yet ready for, making adaptations that kept me safe while still speeding up my recovery.
            After the CFA camp came to an end I found that what I took from it most was lessons in resilience. Each Sunday, the coaches organized a guest speaker to come in and talk about there football and athletic career. Each story showed me a new path and lesson about football, and they all had their fair share of adversity. Hearing about the success that these men had after their set backs, solidified my resolve to overcome my injury and take football as far as I could. 
            Collectively the training and mental toughness the CFA taught me, allowed me to participate in have an strong Grade 12 season and helped in my journey to make the next step to the U-Sport level in the coming seasons at the University of Guelph.

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